I apologize for the pause. My job has decided to deny me the opportunity of spending more time talking about food with you. Hope you don’t mind more occasional updates than I would like, but soon I am certain I will be posting more, and with more exciting features. Whirligigs and doodads. 
But I’m getting fantastical. What I really want to do is rhapsodize about gnocchi. And Trader Joe’s. The goodness of the two combined surely makes them worthy of some sort of humanitarian award. It has been a while since I’d been to Trader Joe’s, because even though it’s on my way to school I never have time before class and it’s closed when I get out. I happened to be nearby last Wednesday though, and stopped in. There was so much goodness on the shelves and the prices were so reasonable I actually felt a little ashamed that I never shop there. This will definitely become a supplemental store from now on. They had stroopwafels!! Delicious stroopwafels. I couldn’t resist them, even though they were gone in about a day. And a large slice of brie for only $3. It’s at least $7 for the generic version sold at HT’s. But the real treasure uncovered there were the gnocchi being used for their cooking demonstration. Vacuum packed so that they weren’t dry, but still fresh tasting, the gnocchi was being cooked with ratatouille. The sample was very good but the demonstrator suggested I use them separately, as the gnocchi was overpowered by the strong flavors of the ratatouille. She said she likes it with just some olive oil, salt, pepper and grated cheese.
On Friday night I made it like that. Except I sautéed some garlic with the olive oil and poured that over the gnocchi. Then I added some sliced olives, sea salt, ground pepper and grated parmesan cheese.
There aren’t adequate words to describe how delicious it was. You must just try it for yourselves. And the portion I had was perfect, I was filled but not stuffed. I was satisfied even though I still wanted a little more.
So the next night I made it again.