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Raspberry Chocolate Cake
My boss’ birthday was yesterday. Our office manager was out and couldn’t bring in a cake so she asked if I would make one. One requirement– chocolate.
I decided to add some fruit to the mix because chocolate without an accompaniment is like a violin without an orchestra, quite nice on its own, but even better as a harmony. Raspberry chocolate is one of my favorite combinations; for some reason it feels decadent, and yet it’s just raspberries. And rich, dark, luscious chocolate.
For this I just used a cake mix because why would I spend that much time on a cake when the mix works even better?
To make it fancy I poured over it a chocolate ganache, which again, feels so gourmet when really it takes 3 minutes to make.
Step 1: Bring heavy cream to boil
Step 2: Add semi sweet chocolate chips
Step 3: Stir and then let sit.
Step 4: Pour over cake, or eat with left over raspberries for breakfast.
The cake was delicious.
Thanks, JR for making my picture look extra pretty.