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What I intended. Not what I actually made.

I failed at soup on Monday. This should really be in the Failblog but I don’t think they accept food submissions. I had it for lunch on Wednesday after forgetting it in favor of leftover pizza at work on Tuesday. Three bites is all I managed.

The problem with the soup is that I wasn’t thinking about flavors when I tossed vegetables in the crockpot. I had a bunch of vegetables to be used, and so I thought this would be a perfect way. My minestrone, a soup made up with whatever is around, is usually excellent. I went wrong when I added the beets though. So, so wrong. Not only did they turn the top layer of the vegetables an inky black in the crockpot but they added a sweetness to the broth that couldn’t be ignored. And vegetable soup shouldn’t be sweet. Meaty and rich, yes. Sweet and black, no.

Lesson learned. Now I have a pot of soup to add to the fail column. And all I was trying to do was be economical in my kitchen by not tossing things out.