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Last night, perhaps in order to comfort myself about the week starting again after a lovely weekend, I pan fried filet mignon. And made cauliflower mash. And mixed greens.
The first time I ever really tried filet mignon was at The Palm, after a friend repaid me for a favor. Several actually. I’m not usually a steak person but filet mignon seems different, fuller in flavor, not the dried out steaks seen in the Outback, where you’re chewing for an hour on beef turned into jerky. Except after I took my first few bites I mentioned that apparently I’m not into steak. In disbelief and frustration my friend asks Why did we come here, then?!” Uh, because you said you’d take me anywhere and it was my chance to at least try the place. He quickly realized the problem– I was drinking a beer, which we’d been having while waiting for our table. I needed a Cabernet Sauvignon, stat. And then the steak was good.
Yesterday, for no apparent reason I wanted one again. While watching a very excellent movie, Brick, I concocted my meal to rival a restaurant’s.
First I roasted the cauliflower florets in the oven at 450, with some garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper. Then I puree’d it with some milk to make Cauliflower Mash. That sounds like a dance!
Once that was done I pan fried the steak, adding nothing but some oil. I guess I just wanted to see what the steak tasted like without any other flavorings. I had two of them but I saved the other one for another night so I can test out another way of preparing it.
Pouring a glass of cabernet sauvignon, making a salad of mixed greens and vinaigrette, I sat down to eat. It was good. Maybe not quite as good as a restaurant’s, not as thick. But it was pretty tender and definitely delicious. I was sad when it was gone.

But at least I still had dessert waiting to be made! Chopping up and melting half a bar of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate I drizzled it over some Anjou pears poached in Merlot, sugar and cinnamon. Mine weren’t as good looking as the picture above, unfortunately. I quartered them so they didn’t stand. I laid them down and drizzled the chocolate over them. But they were so delicious that, had you been seated in the same room you might have wondered where the feral animal came from. Finger licking good. Literally.