Ah, tomato sauce (see, A. I was able to resist the e). Tomato sauce is like flour, there are just endless ways to form it into something else. Tonight, after digging through my pantry and discovering that the canned salmon I thought I had was in fact invisible I looked in the fridge and found tomato sauce. And paste. And already diced shallots, green onions, red onions and gorgonzola. No garlic though. Somehow it got left off the grocery list. Combining all of these with some basil and even honey I made a sweet tomato sauce, literally and figuratively. The fettucine was not as excellent though. It was hard to get all the goodness of the sauce and the pasta in one bite. But after the pasta was gone I ate the rest of the sauce with some bread.

This sauce wasn’t what I’d want every time, sometimes I like my tomato sauce spicy, sometimes not with cheese mixed into it, sometimes I like it a little more traditional, with sausage or mushrooms. And most always with garlic. But this was an experiment to see what other ways I could prepare tomato sauce. When I drizzled in some honey I felt like a 5-year-old making a “stew” and the leap of glee that gave me was enough, even if the sauce had been disastrous. Also, all the colors, the red onions, green shallots and diced basil, were joyfully mixed together.
And while I waited for the water to start boiling I made some short pieces of bacon and wrapped them around this creamy Italian cheese, Rambol and whole figs. I shared one with my roommate, unwillingly, but because I wanted someone else to savor the sweet, salty creamy flavors with me. They can melt me from the knees. Turns out I should have been greedy. She didn’t like the texture of the cheese. I admit, it wasn’t my favorite cheese ever but again, experiments! At least I got to make the sauce in the oil I’d used for the bacon, adding more flavors.
photo shamelessly stolen from Big Communications.