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Two significant food related things happened to me this weekend. I started reading the book French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano on Saturday and I went to the American History Museum where I saw Julia Child’s kitchen on Sunday. And although a diet book (which ostensibly what Guiliano’s book is) and Julia Child don’t seem to go together they actually compliment each other like a Sauternes with foie gras.

Mireille Guiliano’s “diet” book is for the person who loves good food but also enjoys fitting into a good pair of pants. She’s exactly the sort of diet guru I’ve been dreaming of. The kind of person who would eat Julia Child’s french cuisine gladly but perhaps have yogurt to compensate for breakfast. And not disgusting Dannon yogurt either! Non, non dearie! She, just like Julia Child advocates fresh food and delicious meals. If the food tastes better because it’s fresher, the argument goes, you will be satisfied more easily and feel fuller, not stuffed but satiated.

And so, with Mireille’s guide to happier eating, I made my way to the museums with A. where we wandered through years of our country’s history only to be mesmirized by that grande dame of American cooking. Julia. Oh, Julia, with your scratchy, high voice, your height and pouffy hair. You are my new hero. You accomplished great things while forgoing any sacrifice of a lovely life.

I want your kitchen.

I have hit on my New Year’s Resolutions.

1) To eat fresh, well made food all year, within moderation and without guilt.

2) To relax and enjoy the vagrancies of life more often

3) To relish in, take in, create something artistic and exciting to the mind every day.