The New York Times ran an article today about how lower calorie options (like Starbucks who now only offers 2% instead of whole milk), are being worked directly into the food. And how reduced portion sizes are being incorporated into a bevy of different restaurants’ menus. They’re taking these steps not because of legal mandate, like the no-trans fat rule enstated in New York in 2007, but because customers are making better decisions and not eating in restaurants that do not comply with their dietary desires. The power of the consumer and all that.
I think it’s a great thing that has been a long time coming. The out of control portion sizes in the U.S. are ridiculous and almost obscene. Let’s hope more restaurants follow their example. Now if only I could have shown a little restraint earlier today when I got a McD’s chicken sandwich, currently hurting my stomach… Excuse me while I fill up my water bottle and plot my next gym visit.