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I have little to write here it seems. Food, such a simple and vital component to our days, has gotten overlooked for awhile. Instead I am concentrating on school and work and so many other things that cooking a meal seems almost like a luxury that I can’t afford right now. Being poor also adds to the problem. But without contemplating food I feel as though a creative part of me is slipping away. Contemplating all these theoretical criticisms and discussions in my grad classes is exciting and fun for me but it leaves little room for more substantial thoughts on food. Reading the New York Times food pages, a place I usually find inspiration, is like looking into shop windows and getting depressed because I can’t try it. My work schedule and classes means I have about three days that I can consider making food. And because of work I come home hungry but uninterested in the process. Later in the evening, after having something relatively snack like I can consider the prospect. However, my younger sister is assuming my role. She’s thinking about food and what to make in her freetime from work. I’m becoming inspired by her. It’s like I’m an old woman who needs the energy of the new to try out her ideas again and find they still work, I can still think about food after some practice. It’s funny, I never thought cooking required practice, much like an instrument or painting. But it does, I get rusty without thinking about it. Once I’m in the kitchen for a bit my mind is more flexible and I can reach for the spices more easily.

However, having said that here are a few ideas I have for soup. It’s getting close to that time of year, and soup freezes well. I’m thinking this might be in my freezer for a day when I can’t think of what to make.

-Pureed roasted cauliflower with navy beans and rotisserie chicken

-black bean soup

-diced tomatoes and corn, roasted and in soup

-minestrone of any leftover vegetables currently in the fridge.
update: after doing a little more reading in NY Times I’m feeling more rejuvenated. And I remembered that I have green beans to roast for tonight –amazing! And a sweet potato. And coconut milk to use in soups. I’m back.