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This is what I bought at the farmer’s market today. If you can’t tell from the picture that’s:

-whole wheat bread
-4 qts of apples and pears
-dandelion greens (or arugula, I can’t tell!)
-sweet potatoes
-small potatoes
-cauliflower (which I am attempting to like)
-acorn squash
-yellow and green beans
-Concord grapes (which are the best things I’ve tasted in grape flavor ever)
-ground lamb
So far what I’ve made is Hamad Iraqi Lamb stew with tomatoes and potatoes. It was goooood, especially when we had my apricot baklava for dessert. I think it’s my best batch of fruit baklava yet. Even if I did sort of burn the edges.
Tomorrow I plan to make eggplant moussaka with green beans. And on Wednesday, acorn squash risotto. Friday, stir fried greens and chicken, Saturday I’ll use the cauliflower and mashed sweet potatoes. Or maybe I’ll switch all of this around, I can’t tell. Mmmmm, jealous aren’t you?