Hi. I’m horrible, I know. But I have an excuse! I’ve started grad school and am working full time which means little time to daydream about food and even less to actually make it. Plus I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight, which, while I feel GREAT, means I’ve been forgoing the lovely stuff that makes my mouth water for stuff that tastes fresh. Yes, there is a difference. Lucky for me my new roommate likes to cook and my sister is catching the bug too. She bought a vegan cookbook last week that we’ve both been reading and anticipating using. Neither of us are vegan, although we’ve accidently stumbled into being mostly vegetarian, but we really wanted to learn how to use some old vegetables in new ways and new vegetables in any way at all. And how to make slightly healthier and just as tasty versions of our old favorites. This cookbook, Veganomicon is very good. It has anything you could want. Except vegan pudding, which I wanted to make last night for my mom’s birthday.

Instead we made:
Herb Scalloped Potatoes that had a creamy cheesiness to it without either of those ingredients.
Tomato and Caper Couscous (minus capers, which Julia hates and I love, but were missing from my mom’s fridge)
Sauteed Spinach and tomatoes (one of Julia’s favorite things for me to make)
And for dessert we went un-vegan with individual triffles for my mom, who loves these layered Southern desserts:
Angel food cake
Devil’s food cake pudding
raspberries, blueberries and bananas
whipped cream
all ingredients can be swapped for other, equally delicious alternatives.
We served them in those high glasses that scream ‘old fashioned milkshake or sundae in a diner’.