Yes, I know I haven’t been here much lately. I APOLOGIZE, okay? The end of the summer has been a busy time for me. My catering business partners and I had our first tasting for friends. And the conclusion is…we need less opinionated friends. No, just kidding. It went very well and we got good feedback and compliments. We’re slowly working on our next step. And my brother got married, I started grad school, we finally found a new roommate. So lots of things have been happening that left me little time to cook or even dream about food.

Besides, with this kind of heat the only thing I’m daydreaming about is a nice chilled glass of cool water. And despite it’s necessity and prevalence in our world there’s not much to talk about when it comes to a food blog. I mean, what do you need to make it better? It’s already pretty perfect as it is. Don’t tell me about water ‘lightly flavored with strawberry’ or raspberry or lemon or whatever else they’re adding to water these days. IT’S FINE THE WAY IT IS. Yes, I drink VitaminWater. Yes, I know that sounds hypocritical. But I feel like VitaminWater is more like a slightly better for you version of Gatorade. It certainly doesn’t qualify as actual water to me.

It’s funny, the more I write about this simple subject the more complex I realize it is. I didn’t mean to get all green on you but I’m just thinking about how vital it is, what I would do without it and yet how fragile it is. And we are. How incredible to think that we humans, so strong and adaptable are really extremely dependent on such a simple thing. How ironic. It makes me think that God (or whomever it maybe) has a very refined sense of humor. She’s probably saying “Alright, I’ll make you the most powerful species on the planet! You’ll rule over all the land and the beasts on earth and in the sea! You will create complex civilizations and invent miraculous things that will appear to rival even me in greatness. Oh, yeah and…um, you can be taken down by this little element over here, let’s call it water. Sounds good? You guys want to make that little trade off?” And Adam and Eve were like “That stuff coming down from the sky? That stuff we swim in? The stuff we drink? Sure. That seems fair enough.”