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This morning my business partner and I had a conversation. This is how it went:

her: Is ‘cakelettes’ a word? Mini cakes.
me: I don’t think so. I think little cakes would be cup cakes.
her: I think it should be. BUT NOT CUPS, square.
me: So just square slices of cakes?
her: No, baked little cakes.
me: Okay…
her: I can’t believe how defensive I am about this.
me: I’m just teasing you, you know.
her: I know…. But I’m getting SO mad!
me: I’m sorry!
her: It’s ok.
me: I do think that’s how cupcakes got invented. But little square cakes would be cool.
her: Midget cakes.
me: hahhahaha
her: I like midget cakes. That is the funniest thing I’ve said all day.

So I was thinking about it and realized the petit four might be what she was thinking of. Like in the picture above, little cakes, or as she puts it, midget cakes. Either way they look delicious. But I think on the menu we might want to go with the French version, BP. It just seems more elegant, if you know what I mean. And once again we have muddled our way through a food conundrum to the answers.