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After doing a little impulse buying thanks to Lucky Magazine, I realized I was going to the beach in about…9 days. And I had just bought a bathing suit two sizes smaller than what I normally wear. THANKS Martin+Osa. Uh oh. After work I hit the gym and sweated there, hoping that a hardcore gym regime along with the twice weekly yoga I’ve been doing would be enough to help me squeeze into that lovely one piece I instantly adored.

I’ve NEVER been one to diet. It seems to suck all the flavor out of the enjoyment of food. And I’ve got pretty poor willpower when faced with a chocolate dessert. The closest I’ve come was being a vegetarian for a year, but I happen to like fruits and vegetables. Besides, I always feel that as long as I’m eating healthfully and getting some exercise I’m doing ok. I like my body the way it is. I like to cook and I like to eat. But I figured that for once I could give it a week and a half and see what happens. So I’m going to the gym again today and the next day and so on. It’s a struggle for me, but one I’ll appreciate if I can make it into that bathing suit.

Now comes the fun part of losing weight—the food. After the gym I went to Safeway, because we were out of most foodstuffs at home anyway. For a moment or two I got scared because I couldn’t find the produce section. And since I’ve been reading a book by this journalist lately I’ve been trying to make sure that what I eat is real food.

After loading up on all sorts of fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, some Kashi cereal and some organic peanut butter and a couple of Lean Cuisines I headed home, where I made up my ‘day of food’ for work. Instead of eating one large meal in midday I’m working on staying satisfied all day with little snacks. Here’s what I made up for today:
While working in New York City I learned about this great sandwich shop right down the street from my internship. I loved their granola and yogurt topped with honey so I made my own, loaded with fruits.
Layered Yogurt & Granola:
¼ of an apple- diced
Handful of blueberries
Handful of blackberries
Organic Raisins
Currants (I just had some of these left over. They’re optional)
Plain yogurt
1. Put the granola in your bowl first
2. Next come the apples, raisins and currants
3. Blueberries and blackberries around the sides
4. Yogurt is spread over the top. I wanted to make sure the fruit was spread out enough to act as a barrier between the yogurt and granola so it wouldn’t be soggy in the a.m.
5. Drizzle honey on top.

While I was making the yogurt and granola I was baking some catfish for my “lunch”. I lightly (very lightly) breaded the filet with cornmeal, cayenne pepper and ground black pepper. I brushed a little truffle oil I’d made a while ago over it and lay a sprig of tarragon on it. Then I let it bake at 350. I didn’t put any salt on it because I’m trying to cut down on that (salt retains water!) and it also draws out water so the fish isn’t as juicy.
I had a lot of the pasta left over from dinner that night and so I lay that down on a bed of mixed greens and put the fish on top with a slice of lemon. Apparently I’m really into layering these days. But it makes it look so elegant and all you’ve done is pile things up.
The pasta I made:
Pipette pasta
Diced tomatoes
Pitted black olives
Mix of Italian cheeses
A little balsamic vinegar
Ground black pepper
Sea salt
Cayenne pepper (I went a little overboard on that by accident)

For a mid afternoon snack I have the rest of the apple with some organic peanut butter.
And there you are—healthful snacks without worrying about counting calories or losing taste.